Tilt Maze Solution

Here is my solution to Tilt Maze. I am not claiming that my solution is the shortest possible route for each level. Maybe you can find a solution with fewer moves... but these do work. So, okay, if you are really sure you want to see the answers, and you really are ready to give up... then, here they are.

l = left arrow
r = right arrow
u = up arrow
d = down arrow

Level 1: r-d-l-u-r-u-l-d-r

Level 2: u-r-d-l-u.l-d-l-u-r-u-l-d-l-u

Level 3: r-d-r-u-l-u-l-d-r-d

Level 4: r-u-l-d-r-d-l-u-r-u-l-d-r-u-r

Level 5: r-d-l-d-l-u-l-d-l-u-r-u-r-u-l-d-r-d

Level 6: u-r-d-l-d-l-u-l-u-r-u-l-d-r-u-l-d-r-d-r

Level 7: d-l-u-l-r-d-r-u-r-u-l-d-r-d-l-d-u-r-d-r

Level 8: u-l-d-u-r-d-r-u-d-l-u-r-d-r-l-d-l-r

Level 9: u-r-l-d-l-u-d-r-u-l-u-r-u-l-u-l-r-d-l-d

Level 10: d-r-u-r-d-u-l-d-r-l-u-r-d-l-r-u-d-r-d-r-u-l

Level 11: r-d-l-u-r-l-d-u-r-d-r-u-l-u-d-l-u-r-d-l-r-u-l-u-r-u-d-l-d-r-d-l-u-l-d-l-d

I like this:



  2. great man i almost break my head on lvl 6, 9, 10 and 11, damn they was so hard, BUT THANKS SO MUCH

    by. Kevin Merida.

  3. el 6 me estaba destruyendo :P

  4. el unico pendejo es el 11, gracias!

  5. thanks, i only question about the number 11

  6. el 11 no esta malo?

  7. A couple of alert people have pointed out that my answer to number 11 was incorrect. I went back and checked, and they were right. The problem with the level 11 solution is that it is so very long. Anyway, thanks for everyone who caught my error. I have made the correction and hopefully it is now right.

    Richard from Richard's Game Reviews

  8. i feel sh*t when i see the level 11 guide and tried it out. it's like i didn't saw it coming and he knocks me off...

    i thought i can finish 1-11 w/o any help. level 11 ruined my goal at all. lol

  9. 11 is still wrong

  10. To Anonymous

    After reading your comment, I checked number 11 again and I have to disagree with you. I tried my solution, as it is written, and it worked perfectly for me. I think what happens is, because there are 37 moves, it is very easy to make a mistake along the way. Try writing down the number 11 solution on a sheet of paper but put only 3 moves on each line. That should make it somewhat easier to follow. Then let me know if you agree with me, or if you still disagree.

    Richard, from Richard's Game Reviews

  11. el 11 es el mas dificil