Bubble Shooter 3

Game Description: Bubble Shooter 3 is a somewhat easier version of the classic game of Bubble Shooter. You will shoot bubbles up into the grid with your crossbow. Each time you form a group of 3 or more like-colored bubbles, those bubbles will explode and be removed from the playing field. If you can remove all of the bubbles from the playing field, you will advance to the next level of play. But, be careful. If even a single bubble gets to the bottom, it is instant game over!

How to Play Bubble Shooter 3:

  • Rotate the crossbow with mouse movement.
  • Left click with your mouse to shoot.
  • Each time your shot forms a group of 3 or more like-colored bubbles, those bubbles will explode and be removed from the board.
  • There are 5 white crossbones in red circles located near the lower left corner.
  • For each shot that does not produce an explosion, by forming a group of at least 3 like-colored bubbles, one crossbone will be lost.
  • On each occasion that you have no crossbones remaining, the next shot that does not produce a bubble explosion will cause new bubbles to be introduced at the top, pushing the rest of the bubbles down towards the bottom.
  • Your goal is to remove all of the bubbles from the board. If you do, you go on to the next level of play.
  • On Level 1 there are only 3 different colors of bubbles: green, red, and blue. On every 4th level you reach (as in levels 4, 8, 12, and so forth) a new color of bubble will be introduced to make the game more challenging.
  • Should any bubble reach the bottom... it is immediate game over!

Bubble Shooter 3 Game Options:
  • The game sounds may be turned on or off by clicking the microphone icon located at the lower left corner.

Bubble Shooter 3 Playing Tips:
  • Learn the bank shot, by bouncing bubbles off of the left or right wall. Many times, the only way to reach your intended target will be with the bank shot. The bank shot is very easy to learn and only takes a little practice.
  • Pay attention to the next bubble that is coming up (you will see it just to the left of the crossbow). Knowing what bubble you will shoot next can help you plan your current shot.
  • Try to make bubble explosions high up on the board near the top. If any of the other bubbles that are connected to the bubbles you are exploding are not connected to other bubbles, they will all fall in one big group. This not only creates big points, but it also removes lots of bubbles at once. Thus clearing the way, and making it easier for you to remove even more bubbles.
  • Use your mouse pointer as a guide. For instance, my mouse pointer is in the shape of an arrow. So I simply place the arrow on my intended target, then fire.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pro: If you want an easier version of Bubble Shooter, then this is the game for you.

Con: If you have already mastered the bank shot, you will have to go through quite a few tedious levels until you finally will be challenged. If you would like a more challenging game from the get-go, you may be better off playing the original classic game of Bubble Shooter.

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