Magic Rune Matching

Game Description: Match runes to clear the entire board before time runs out.

How to Play Magic Rune Matching:

  • Click on a rune. Then, click on its identical pair.
  • If there is a clear path between the matching runes, Magic Rune Matching will draw a line connecting the two runes and they will be removed from the board.
  • If there is no clear path between the two matching runes, the runes will not be removed. You will first have to remove other runes that are blocking the way. Then, try again.
  • Your goal is to remove all runes from the board before time runs out to advance to the next level.
  • The timer is the dragon's head at the bottom of the game screen. The bar that goes into the dragon's head indicates the time. When the bar retreats all the way into the dragon's head, time is up!
  • To pause the game, click the purple pause button located at the lower right corner. (When the game is paused, the pause button turns into a green arrow. Click the green arrow to resume your game).
  • If you get stuck for a while, and cannot find a match, click the Hint button (The Hint button is located near the lower right corner and looks like a pair of red lips). When you click the Hint button Magic Rune Matching will highlight two matching runes for you by changing their backgrounds to a flashing yellow color.
  • You can click the Hint button only a limited number of times per level. (I believe you are allowed to click the Hint button up to 3 times per level, although it could possibly be 4 on some of the higher levels. I am not quite sure about that though. But the point is, there is a limit, so use the hints only when you get stuck).
  • If you get seriously stuck, you will probably want to click the Reshuffle button. (The Reshuffle button is also located near the lower right corner. It is the green circular object, between the Hint button and the Pause button). When you click the Reshuffle button Magic Rune Matching will reshuffle the entire board for you.
  • You are allowed only a limited number of reshuffles per level, so use them wisely. I believe the number of reshuffles allowed is 3, although it could possibly be 4 on some of the higher levels. (Occasionally, you will come across a situation where there are no more possible moves to make on the entire board. When this occurs, Magic Rune Matching will automatically reshuffle the runes for you, and you will not lose any of your official reshuffles should you have any remaining).
  • If you are able to clear the entire board before time is up, you go on to the next level.
  • If you fail to clear the entire board, you will see the 'Game Over' screen. This is actually a misnomer because the game can continue if you want it to! You have a choice to make. On the 'Game Over' screen, click the 'Continue' button to replay the same level again. You will lose any score you earned on the failed level, but you will retain the rest of your score. (As far as I can tell, as long as you keep clicking the 'Continue' button, it looks like the game allows you to play a level an unlimited number of times until you succeed). Your other choice is to click the 'Replay' button to begin the entire game over again. Just remember this: 'Continue' means you keep playing the same game. 'Replay' means you are starting a brand new game back at Level 1.

Magic Rune Matching Game Options:
  • The game sounds may be turned on or off by clicking the microphone icon located at the top of the game screen.

Magic Rune Matching Playing Tips:
  • Look for matches along the outside borders. Any 2 identical runes that are on the same border can be matched. For instance, if both runes are on either the top, right side, bottom, or left side border they can be matched. It is also sometimes possible to match identical runes when they are on adjacent borders. In other words, you can sometimes match around one corner, but not two. This means a rune that is on the top or bottom border can sometimes be matched if its identical pair is on one of the side borders. However, if one rune is on the top border and its pair is on the bottom border it probably cannot be matched because you would have to go around two corners. (Later when you remove enough runes from the interior you can, of course, make a direct connection). The same thing would apply to two identical runes should one be located on the left border and its pair located on the right border.
  • Sometimes, you have to work from the interior. As you make matches in the interior you must try to create enough matches to create a hole in the interior. As the hole becomes larger, more matches become possible.
  • Any 2 identical runes that are side-by-side (either horizontally or vertically) may be matched.
  • When you find a match, you do not need to wait until Magic Rune Matching removes your previous match from the board. Simply click matches as fast as you can, and Magic Rune Matching will easily keep up.
  • If you are observant, you will notice that each time you make a match, all of the other runes that are identical on the board will flicker. Keep your eyes open for this flickering. This can help you make more matches quicker. This is especially important to do on the higher levels, where you have a greater number of runes to contend with.
  • Don't forget to use the Hint button, and Reshuffle button, when needed. This can really be a huge help in a tough situation.

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Comments: Magic Rune Matching is challenging, and quite fun. The graphics and sounds are pleasing, and add to the overall enjoyment.

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