Fruits Vegetables Picture Matching

Game Description: Try to clear the entire board before time runs out by matching identical pictures.

How to Play Fruits Vegetables Picture Matching:

  • Click on a picture of a fruit or vegetable. Then, click on its identical pair.
  • If there is a clear path between the matching pictures, Fruits Vegetables Picture Matching will grow a vine connecting the two pictures and they will be removed from the board.
  • If there is no clear path between the two matching pictures, the pictures will not be removed. You will first have to remove other pictures that are blocking the way. Then, try again.
  • Your goal is to remove all pictures from the board before time runs out to advance to the next level.
  • The time is shown at the bottom of the game. It starts at 100 and counts down to zero. The time remaining is also depicted by the blue bar at the bottom which moves right to left.
  • You begin the game with 3 lives. (Your lives are displayed at the top of the game and are signified by the number just to the right of the red heart and the green X).
  • Earn time you successfully complete a level you gain 1 extra life.
  • You may reshuffle the pieces by clicking the shuffle button but this will cost you 2 lives. (The shuffle button is the icon just to the left of the red heart at the top of the game. It has a blue and pink arrow pointing in opposite directions. Note: the shuffle button only rearranges the pictures. It does not reset the time).
  • You may click the hour-glass icon just to the left of the shuffle button. This will reset the timer all the way back to the beginning, but it will cost you 1 life each time you click it.
  • You may click the magnifying glass icon. This will show you a match. But, it will cost you 1 life. (Hint: Never use the magnifying glass icon. Simply showing you a match is not worth losing a life).
  • You can pause the game by clicking the 'pause' button which is also located at the top of the game. To resume, click the 'pause' button again.
  • The game ends instantly when the time gets down to zero on any level (even if you have lives remaining).
  • There are 16 challenging levels of play.

Fruits Vegetables Picture Matching Game Options:
  • To turn the music on or off, click the green microphone icon located just below the upper right corner of the game screen.

Fruits Vegetables Picture Matching Playing Tips:
  • Look for matches along the outside borders. Any 2 identical pictures that are on the same border can usually be matched. For instance, if both pictures are on either the top, right side, bottom, or left side border they can usually be matched. It is also usually possible to match identical pictures when they are on adjacent borders. In other words, you can usually match around one corner, but not two. This means a picture that is on the top or bottom border can usually be matched if its identical pair is on one of the side borders. However, if one picture is on the top border and its pair is on the bottom border it probably cannot be matched because you would have to go around two corners. (Later when you remove enough pictures from the interior you can, of course, make a direct connection). The same thing would apply to two identical pictures should one be located on the left border and its pair located on the right border.
  • Sometimes, you have to work from the interior. As you make matches in the interior you must try to create enough matches to create a hole in the interior. As the hole becomes larger, more matches become possible.
  • Any 2 identical pictures that are side-by-side (either horizontally or vertically) may be matched.
  • Never use the magnifying glass icon. Simply showing you a match is not worth losing a life.
  • In certain situations using the shuffle button can be, perhaps, the only way to win a level. But remember. It costs you 2 lives and it does not reset the time.
  • Remember, on any level, the game ends instantly should the time get down to zero. So, use the hour glass button to extend the game.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Comments: Fruits Vegetables Picture Matching is intriguing, and I must say quite fun. The graphics and sounds are clever and delightful.

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