Game Description: Put your detective skills to work! Try to find all of the hidden numbers before time runs out. You will also compete against an online human opponent... live, in real time!

How to Play Mysteriez:

  • If you are asked to do so, enter a name in the 'New Player' box. The player name is the name you will go by when you play the game. It is also the name your opponent will see on their screen. Many people use their first name. For instance, I use Richard. Other people like to use only numbers. Whatever you decide, simply type your player name in the box. Then, click the 'Accept' button. Incidentally, you can easily change to a new player name later if you wish.
  • Now that you have a player name you are ready to play! Click the 'Play Online' button.
  • If this is your first time playing you may see a 'How to Play' window. After watching this for a moment, click the 'Close' button. Next, you may see a brief message that says 'Connecting to Server.' This should only take a moment.
  • Now, click on the left where it says 'Find Numbers (Click to Play)'.
  • Your goal is to find all of the hidden numbers before the clock runs out. You are also racing against your online opponent!
  • The clock, which shows you how much time you have remaining, is located on the upper right panel.
  • You will also see two number boards on the right panel. The top number board is your opponent's number board. The bottom number board is your number board. As both you and your opponent click numbers, those numbers are removed from each player's board. This allows both you, and your opponent, to see each others game progress in real time!
  • Use your magnifying glass to click on the hidden numbers that you find.
  • Be careful! If you click anywhere other than on a hidden number you lose ten seconds off the clock. Also, if you click the same number more than once you will lose 10 more seconds off the clock. (You will need to check the bottom board, which is your board, to see which numbers you have not yet found to make sure this does not happen).
  • Score 100 points for each number you find.
  • Score bonus points if you are able to find all of the numbers before the time runs out. Also score extra bonus points if you are able to find all of the numbers before your opponent does.
  • There are only ten different pictures used. These ten pictures will be repeated throughout the game.
  • There are an unlimited number of levels.
  • To continue playing, click the 'Next Level' button.
  • Any points you earned from earlier levels will carry over to the next level.

Mysteriez Game Options: The game options may be accessed from the main menu by clicking the 'Options' button. The options are as follows:
  • The sound volume may be adjusted from 100% to Off.
  • The music volume may be adjusted from 100% to Off.
  • Full Screen mode will not work on here on Richard's Game Reviews. However, you can always increase the zoom level on your computer to make the game bigger. I personally recommend increasing the zoom level to 150% which makes the game screen nice and big!

Mysteriez Playing Tips:
  • Hidden numbers come, of course, in many different sizes. Some are small. Others are quite large. Many times the largest numbers blend into the background. So, look carefully there.
  • Many times you will find objects that are shaped to look like the number. Click on the "object" and you will find your number.
  • Don't forget to check around the four edges. Sometimes you will find numbers there.
  • A few numbers are in roman numerals.
  • Mysteriez uses some other tricks. Here are a few examples. On one of the scenes some of the numbers are represented by playing cards. (Be careful though. I am not sure, but if I recall correctly I think only some of the playing cards may represent numbers. Others may not). One scene, as I recall, has a hand with four fingers raised. The hand represents the number 4. So, clicking on the hand finds the number 4 for you. One other instance, that I recall, is a dice with three dots which represents the number 3. Therefore, you need to think outside the box. You get the idea!
  • If the game appears small you may want to increase your zoom level to 125%, or even to 150%. That will make everything nice and big! (I recommend changing your zoom level before you start playing the game. Otherwise, you risk losing your points, and you may have to start the entire game again from the beginning).
  • Occassionally you may come up against a player who is super fast and finds all of their numbers very quickly. This simply means that they have played the game many times before. Since there are only ten pictures repeated over and over they can, because of their experience, now remember where most of the numbers are. Don't let this intimidate you, or worry about it. Just go about your business, have fun, and collect your points.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pro: Mysteriez is intelligent, innovative, and most of all tremendous fun. I really like the added element of playing against another person. What a cool concept!

Con: With many hidden object games, once you find an object, the found object disappears from the playing screen. With Mysteriez, however, the found numbers remain on the screen. So, you must keep checking your board so that you don't accidently click the same number more than once and incur a 10 second penalty. What an improvement it would be if the found numbers could have been removed from the pictures.

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