Aztec Blocks

Game Description: Arrange the colors of the falling block and drop it to make horizontal, vertical, and diagonal color matches of 3 or more.

How to Play Aztec Blocks:

  • Blocks are dropped from the top.
  • Each block contains 3 bricks.
  • There are 6 columns. Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move a block to another column. (Once a block drops all the way to the bottom it can no longer be moved to a different column).
  • Use the UP arrow key to swap positions of the individual bricks on a block (Once a block drops all the way to the bottom the bricks can no longer be swapped).
  • Use the DOWN arrow key to drop blocks faster.
  • Make horizontal, vertical, or diagonal matches of 3 or more bricks to break them.
  • When consecutive matches occur, you create a combo. Combos multiply the total points that match was worth.
  • When you go up a level, the drop speed increases and you will earn a random elemental power totem. Power totems will help you destroy more bricks.
  • WIND TOTEM (light blue color) -- The blocks will rise instead of falling, (you will have to press and hold down the DOWN arrow key to get the blocks to fall), and will show guides to make matches. This lasts for 5 drops.
  • DARKNESS TOTEM (purple color) -- Destroys all blocks of the color it lands on.
  • EARTH TOTEM (brown color) -- All lowest row bricks will be destroyed.
  • FIRE TOTEM (red color) -- Breaks 2 immediate bricks it falls on, and destroys bricks surrounding it afterwards.
  • NATURE TOTEM (green color) -- All bricks on the leftmost columns and rightmost columns will be destroyed.
  • WATER TOTEM (deep blue color) -- Breaks 2 immediate bricks it falls on, and changes colors of bricks surrounding it afterwards.
  • Your goal is to break bricks and not allow any brick to reach the top.
  • The game ends when any brick reaches the top.
  • IMPORTANT: After the game is over, and you see the GAME OVER screen click the large 'X' to Quit the game and play again.

Aztec Blocks Playing Tips:
  • You can see a preview of the next block that will be dropped in the right panel. Watch this carefully. This will give you extra time to plan your next move.

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Pro: Aztec Blocks is a lot more interesting than it may first appear. Try it, and I think you will enjoy the challenge that this game provides.

Con: There seems to be no volume control. If there is, it is well hidden because I can't find it! (If you are a regular reader, you probably know that is a pet peeve of mine). So, you will have to adjust your computer's speakers.

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