Sebastopol Dominoes

Game Description: Play the game of dominoes against three imaginary computer opponents named Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato.

How to Play Sebastopol Dominoes:

  • In this computerized version of dominoes there are 4 players: Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, and you.
  • At the beginning of every round each player is dealt 7 dominoes. (You will see your 7 dominoes to the right of the board. You will not be able to see any of your opponents' dominoes).
  • The player dealt the double-six domino goes first by placing the double-six in the center and then takes another turn. (If you receive the double-six, Sebastopol Dominoes will tell you. Then, just click 'OK' and the double-six will automatically be placed in the center).
  • Play proceeds clockwise with each player taking a turn.
  • Dominoes can be played on all four sides of the initial tile (the double-six), but all four edges of the double-six must be filled before any other domino can be played.
  • Remember, you must play a domino that has a six on one of its tiles until all four sides of the star are filled. After that, you may match each domino from your hand with any of the four outer tiles of the star. For instance, if the outer tile on one of the four sides of the star has a five, you can play any domino in your hand that has a five on at least one side.
  • When it is your turn to play, simply drag the domino you want to play unto the domino that matches it. Don't worry about turning the domino around. Sebastopol Dominoes will automatically turn the domino in the correct direction for you.
  • If a domino cannot be played, then the player must pass on his/her turn.
  • The player to play all of his dominoes wins the round.
  • The winner of the round receives the total number of points in the other players' hands.
  • Rounds are continually played until someone wins the game by reaching the agreed upon point total.
  • After the game is over, click the 'New Game' button to play again.

Sebastopol Dominoes Game Options:
  • The game may be set to any of the following theme colors: soot, smog, azul, fresh, forrest, army, olive, grape, beach, red wine, coffee, or clay. (The theme colors may be changed at any time).
  • The sound may be turned on or off. (The sounds, which are minimal, may be turned on or off at any time).
  • The game may be played to 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 500, or 999 points. (The points needed to win option must be set from the main menu before the game begins).

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Comments: Sebastopol Dominoes is a nice game to play, with clever graphics.

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