Trick Hoops Challenge

Game Description: Challenge the toughest basketball players and defeat them on the street, at their own game.

How to Play Trick Hoops Challenge:

  • Click the 'Start Game' button.
  • After you watch the Demo click the 'Begin' button.
  • The first player you will challenge is Derek at The Bridge. Click the 'Continue' button to begin.
  • You get the first turn.
  • When you go first, you can either try to make a regular shot or try to make a trick shot.
  • If you try to make a regular shot you do not need to click any of the trick icons at the top.
  • If you try to make a trick shot you will have to CALL YOUR SHOT. Click on the trick icons in the order that you are going to perform them. For instance, if you were going to try to bounce the ball off the ground, hit the wall, and then do a bank shot off the backboard you would click: Floor, Wall, and Board. (Should you change your mind you may click on the 'Normal' icon. Clicking on the 'Normal' icon deletes the shot you were going to attempt. You may now try a regular shot. Or, you may click a different combination of trick icons).
  • Once you decide on your shot attempt, move your mouse to position the ball on the spot where you want to start your shot.
  • CLICK on the ball and PULL to set the direction and power of your shot. (Watch the red arrow as you PULL. The red arrow shows the direction and power).
  • RELEASE to shoot.
  • If you make the shot you called, your opponent is challenged. He/she must make the same shot or you get one point.
  • If you miss your shot, (or if you make your shot but it was not the shot you called), your opponent is not challenged and he/she begins their turn to go first.
  • Your opponent will now attempt to make their own shot.
  • If your opponent makes their shot attempt you are challenged and you must make the same shot or your opponent gets one point.
  • When either player goes first and makes the shot they called, that player gets to go first on the next round. If the player who goes first misses their shot or does not make the shot they called, then their opponent gets to go first on the next round.
  • The first player to score 3 points wins the match!
  • If you win, you get to challenge the next opponent.
  • If you lose, it's game over!

Trick Hoops Challenge Game Options:
  • To turn the music On or Off, hold down the control key (Ctrl) and press the letter 'M' on your keyboard. (Sometimes it can be difficult to get the music to turn On or Off. You may want to try holding down the control key and the letter 'M' a little longer than you normally would. That usually does the trick. If that doesn't work, you will need to adjust the speakers on your computer).
Trick Hoops Challenge Playing Tips:
  • When you go first and you are attempting a regular shot, that is, you have not clicked on any of the trick icons, you must only make a regular shot. Of course, you will have to either make a swish shot or a backboard shot in order for the ball to go in which is fine. But you cannot, for instance, bounce the ball off the ground or off the wall. Even if the ball goes in it would count as a miss because you did not CALL YOUR SHOT.
  • When your opponent goes first pay close attention to the red arrow. If your opponent scores, you must duplicate the same shot. Watching the red arrow for intensity and direction will help you do just that. (You must also read the description of your opponent's made shot at the top of the game. For instance, it may say Board. This would mean you would have to bounce the ball off of the backboard to complete the shot. A swish shot that goes in would count as a miss!)
  • Practice, Practice, Practice!
Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pro: Tricks Hoops Challenge has nice graphics and sounds. Each opponent you encounter has more basketball skills. This is one game, where the better you get, the more fun you will have!

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