Hidden Gemstones: Rooms

Game Description: Search for 30 hidden gemstones.

How to Play Hidden Gemstones Rooms:

  • Click the 'Start' button.
  • Use your mouse to click or drag objects.
  • Search for 30 hidden gemstones.
  • Each room contains 3 hidden gemstones!
  • Some of the rooms contain puzzles that you need to solve in order to find a gemstone.
  • Once you find all 3 gemstones you will automatically advance to the next room.
  • You have 300 seconds to find all of the hidden gemstones.
  • After you find the last gemstone a secret door will open on the left. Click this door to exit the game.
  • Your score is based on the number of seconds it takes you to complete the game. For instance, if you take 150 seconds, your score would be 150. Obviously, your goal is to finish the game as fast as you can and score as low as possible.

Hidden Gemstones Rooms Game Options:
  • The game sounds may be turned on or off by clicking the microphone icon located at the upper right corner of the game. (This icon only shows up after you click the 'Start' button).

Hidden Gemstones Rooms Playing Tips:
  • I am only going to give you one general hint, because I don't want to spoil your fun. Watch your mouse pointer as you move your mouse around. When it changes shape you have found a hot spot, and you should either click or drag your mouse in that area.

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Comments: Even though Hidden Gemstones: Rooms is somewhat easy, I still had a lot of fun figuring it out!

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