Game Description: Enjoy a cool multiplayer version of the classic Bubble Shooter game! You will compete against other players from all over the world in real-time!

How to Play Bubblez:

  • You will need to have Adobe Flash Player 9.0, or later, installed on your computer to play Bubblez. If you play other games here on Richard's Game Reviews, chances are you already do. But, if not, click here to install.
  • If this is your first time playing Bubblez, type your player name in the 'New Player' box. (Your player name is the name other people will see when they play you. You will also see their player name. Your player name may be your first name, or any other name you choose). After you type in your player name, click the 'Accept' button.
  • Click the 'Play Online' button.
  • If you see a screen that says 'Instructions', click the 'Close' button to close this screen and begin play.
  • You will see a brief screen that says 'Connecting to Server.' This should only take a few moments.
  • You will shoot bubbles from a shooter by clicking your left mouse button.
  • Your goal is to match three or more bubbles of the same color causing them to explode.
  • If you are able to clear all bubbles from the field before any bubble reaches the bottom you will have successfully completed the level, and you go on to the next level.
  • If any bubble reaches the bottom your score for that level will be zero. You keep the points you already had (before you started the level) and you may repeat the level as many times as you want until you are able to complete the level and advance.
  • Remember, as far as completing a level is concerned, it does not matter what your opponent does. It only matters what you do. If you clear all bubbles from the field before any bubble reaches the bottom you advance to the next level. If any of your bubbles reach the bottom, you must repeat the level.

Bubblez Scoring:
  • At the same time you are playing your game you will see your opponents game in real-time on a separate panel, at the right side of the game screen. Your opponent will also see your game progress on his/her screen.
  • If you are able to complete the level before your opponent does, or if your opponent has already lost, you'll get his score as a bonus. (What this means is, you will get whatever points your opponent had achieved at the exact time you finished. Of course, your opponent will keep playing on his own and still try to win his game. But, by then, you will likely already be playing your next live opponent!)
  • If your opponent is able to complete the level before you do, your opponent will get your score as his or her bonus but you do not lose any points yourself.
  • The scoring for Bubblez is somewhat deceptive. If you become really good at the game you will finish a level quickly and make less points. On the other hand, if you struggle mightily, but eventually win your level you will make tons of points. (Even more than a top notch player who finished quickly and earned bonus points by defeating his online opponent).
  • Sometimes, when you reach the higher levels of play, the server may not be able to find you an online opponent because there is no one available who is playing the same level you are at the exact same time. You can either wait and play later, or just go ahead and play the level yourself without an opponent. You can still collect your own points should you be able to complete the level successfully.

Bubblez Game Options: The game options may be accessed by clicking the 'Options' button located on the main game screen. After you change the options, click the 'Accept' button to save your changes. The game options are as follows:
  • The sound volume may be set in increments of 10, from 100 down to zero (off).
  • The music volume may also be set in increments of 10, from 100 down to zero (off).
  • The full screen button, even if turned to 'On', will not function here at Richard's Game Reviews. So, just leave it as it is.

Bubblez Playing Tips:
  • The easiest way to make an accurate shot is to place your mouse cursor on your target bubble. Then shoot.
  • Keep an eye on the next upcoming bubble. Knowing the color of the next bubble can help you strategize.
  • When you play Bubblez what will invariably happen is this. You will get separate strands of bubbles hanging from the top of the game screen. Try to make shots that hit high up on the stands near the top. This will cause all of the lower attached bubbles (no matter what their color) to break off and fall (as long as they are not attached elsewhere). Try to identify the point near the top where the strand is most vulnerable. That is the place to attack assuming you have the right color bubble to shoot and can get a clear shot. Think of it like this. Pretend the bubbles are grapes. When you attack the bottom grapes you can only pick off a few at a time. But, if you can attack at the most vulnerable point high up it is like picking a whole cluster of grapes at once.
  • When you have a colored bubble, and you do not see any place you really want to shoot it, what should you do? The answer is clear. Always shoot it into an existing strand. (If possible, try to shoot it near a single bubble of the same color. Later, you may have the opportunity to match these two bubbles with the next bubble you are shooting). The absolute worst thing you can do is to shoot it all the way to the top of the game screen. Because, if you do, that bubble that missed everything and went all the way to the top is like a seed. It will start a brand new strand and you will have many new bubbles to deal with, which is exactly what you do not want to happen.
  • Learn the bank shot. Often, you may not have a direct shot to your target. So, the best shot can be a bank shot that caroms off the side of the game screen finding its way to your target. You will be amazed at how easy this is with just a little practice.
  • The best way to have the most fun with Bubblez is to concentrate on trying to beat each opponent, and consider your score secondary.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pro: Bubblez would have been just an ordinary game, but the multiplayer aspect elevates it to a fantastic new level!

Con: The scoring system for Bubblez sometimes rewards poor play more than superior play.

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  1. Why did it stop saving my level and score? Now it makes me start at level 1 as a new person every time I want to play.

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