Balls Painting

Game Description: Burst each ball to "paint" a picture in as little time as possible.

How to Play Balls Painting:

  • Aim with your mouse.
  • Left click to shoot a bullet.
  • When a bullet hits a ball, the ball will burst and scatter paint.
  • You must "paint" the whole picture by bursting balls in unpainted areas.
  • When the picture is complete, you may go to the next picture by clicking the 'Next Picture' button. (You may also go to the next picture before the picture is complete by clicking the 'End' button located at the lower right corner of the game screen. Then, click the 'Next Picture' button to continue the same game. Do not click the 'Play New' button because you will lose your 'Best Time' score).
  • Your goal is to complete each 48 piece picture in as little time as possible to lower your 'Best Time.'

Balls Painting Playing Tips:
  • Try to anticipate where the ball will be when it will be hit by the bullet. You can only make progress when a ball is hit in an upainted area of the picture.
  • One technique that can work is to place the crosshair on the cell you want to "paint." You still have to time your shot right, but at least you know you are firing in the right direction.
  • The hardest areas to "paint" are the top row and the four corner pieces. The top row is difficult because the other balls tend to get in your way and block your shot. I have had good success with the lower right corner piece by shooting my bullet a little sooner than I normally would. This seems to work well.

Richard's Rating: 2 out of 5.

Pro: Balls Painting has a most unusual concept. I have really never seen anything quite like it. It has fun special effects and sounds. The pictures are quite engaging. Overall, it is a rather nice game to play.

Con: It is too bad that Balls Painting does not have a Pause button. It certainly would have come in handy.

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