Game Description: Find and click the red button on each level.

How to Play Buttonhunt:

  • Use your mouse to interact.
  • Complete tasks in each level to locate the button. Sometimes obstacles will come between you and the button. Use your mouse to click, push, pull, drag, and be creative to get past them.
  • Your goal in each level is to find and click the red button. This allows you to move to the next level.
  • If you get stuck, click the blue 'H', located in the upper left corner, for a hint.
  • There are 30 challenging, fun-filled levels of play.

Buttonhunt Playing Tips:
  • As you move your mouse, watch the pointer. When your mouse pointer changes shape, you know you are on the right track! Click in that spot.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pro: Buttonhunt is inventive, challenging, and so much fun. I think the game itself is a terrific addition to Richard's Game Reviews. Unfortunately, what you will find after you complete the final stage is very disappointing... keep reading.

Con: After you solve level 30 you unlock the golden cup. You can now click the previously locked, but now accessible 'Secrets' button #1 on the Main menu to access what the game developer calls a 'bonus'. I strongly suggest you do not do this. Unfortunately, what you will find there are some very offensive Polish jokes. I did not realize these were there because I didn't advance all the way through the game until after I published it here on Richard's Game Reviews. I am going to leave the game up because the game itself is quite good. Why anyone, in this day and age, would think this is funny I really don't understand.

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The Buttonhunt Solution: There are quite a few youtube videos that show the solution to all 30 stages of Buttonhunt. I think I have looked at all of them. From these, I tried to select the best one for you. Unfortunately, all of them are very fast. So, if you do decide to view the video you will likely have to replay it several times. Before you decide to see the answers, try clicking the blue 'H' button one more time. I know ButtonHunt is quite challenging. Sometimes finding that red button seems impossible. But you will only get true satisfaction if you can solve it yourself. What a great moment it is when you finally figure out a level that had you baffled for so long! So, think twice before you look at the answers. Are you really sure you want to spoil your fun? Okay, enough said. For those of you who cannot resist here is the complete Buttonhunt Walkthrough.

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