State of Play Baseball

Game Description: Batter up! It's the bottom of the ninth, can you win it from here?

How to Play State of Play Baseball:

  • Move your mouse to direct the aim of your swing.
  • Click the left mouse button to swing.
  • State of Play Baseball has two different games to play: Bottom of the Ninth Mode and Arcade Mode.
  • Bottom of the Ninth mode: You are 2 runs down (Easy skill level), 4 runs down (Medium skill level) or 8 runs down (Hard skill level.) It's the bottom of the ninth. Can you come back and win?
  • Bottom of the Ninth mode: When you've hit the ball your batter will run to first base. To run to the next base, click on the RUN button. To reach the base more quickly, click SLIDE as he gets close.
  • Arcade mode: You get 10 pitches to swing at. Aim your shot to land as close as possible to the center of the target to score points.
  • After your game ends, to replay your game: For Arcade Mode, click the 'Submit Score' button at the bottom center. Then either submit your score, or click 'No Thanks'. For Bottom of the Ninth Mode, click the 'Restart Game' button located at the lower right corner.

State of Play Baseball Game Options:
  • In Bottom of the Ninth Mode you may create a team name and select team colors.
  • In Arcade Mode you may select team colors, skin tone, and a bat logo.
  • Both games have three skill levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

State of Play Baseball Playing Tips:
  • State of Play Baseball has a built-in tutorial to show you how to hit the ball which is very helpful. To see the tutorial click the Instructions button on the main Menu.
  • Begin at the Easy skill level (where you will only see fastballs that aren't really that fast.) Later, as you improve you can move up to the Medium and Hard skill levels where you will encounter harder fastballs and wicked curveballs!
  • In the Bottom of the Ninth mode do not take too many chances when running the bases. All of the outfielders have a cannon for an arm and are always 100% accurate with their throws. (I have watched a lot of major league baseball over the years and I have never seen anything even remotely close to what these outfielders can do! lol.)
  • Also in the Bottom of the Ninth mode, try not to chase balls that are out of the strike zone.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pro: State of Play Baseball has two different games to play and both are quite fun. Nice graphics and sounds add to the enjoyment!

Con: It would have been very nice if State of Play Baseball had a functioning scoreboard in the Bottom of the Ninth Mode so you could see the batter's count.

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