Pro Football

Game Description: You are a running back. Avoid the defensive tackles, and score as many touchdowns as you can!

How to Play Pro Football:

  • Use your up, left, and right arrow keys to move your player and dodge the opposition.
  • Use the Z key to dodge tackles when your Dodge Meter is full. (The Dodge Meter is located at upper left corner on the game screen).
  • Collect powerups for speed boosts and extra balls.
  • You get more points the further you run.
  • Score as many touchdowns as you can!
  • After you score a touchdown earn more points for kicking a field goal.
  • To kick a field goal you must clear the crossbar.
  • Use your arrow keys to set the direction and height of your kick. (Hint: Keep an eye on the wind speed and direction displayed at the upper left corner on the game screen).
  • Press the Z key to set the power of your kick. Press Z when the accuracy circle is at its smallest for greatest accuracy.
  • You begin the game with 4 balls.
  • If you're tackled you lose a ball.
  • If you miss a field goal you also lose a ball.
  • The game ends when you lose your last ball.

Pro Football Game Options:
  • The sounds may be turned on or off by clicking the microphone icon located at the lower left corner of the game screen.

Pro Football Playing Tips:
  • Read the defense. Look where the tackles are positioned and plan your run.
  • On some running plays (depending on how the defensive tackles are positioned) a good strategy sometimes is to press either your left or right arrow key before pressing the up arrow key. This can give you a better chance of avoiding the tackles!
  • On field goal attempts, remember to first use your arrow keys to set the direction and height of your kick. Also, don't forget to check the wind speed and direction. This will increase your field goal accuracy!

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Comments: Even though I am still learning how to play Pro Football (this game does take a little practice to get good at it,) I am already having quite a lot of fun with it. This is one of those games where the better you can get, the more fun you will have! Superior graphics and sounds add to the enjoyment!

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