Pixel Art

Game Description: Complete each picture by matching identical shapes.

How to Play Pixel Art:

  • Find two identical pieces of the picture and click on each piece with your left mouse button.
  • If the pieces are a match, the pieces will be removed from the board and placed unto the picture.
  • You have 5 minutes to complete each picture.
  • Each time you make 10 matches you earn a bonus point! (Bonus points are displayed on the right side of the game screen, next to the question mark).
  • Bonus points can be used to make an automatic match. To use one of your bonus points, first click on the question mark. Then, click on a puzzle piece and Play Pixel will find the matching piece for you!
  • All unused bonus points carry over to the next level!
  • If you are able to complete the picture in the allotted time, you can go to the next level and try to complete the next picture.
  • If you fail a level you may repeat it as many times as you need until you are able to complete the picture.
  • There are 100 levels.
  • As long as you use the same computer and come back to Richard's Game Reviews your game should save automatically. Just remember to click the Load Game button (instead of the New Game button) and you should be able to pick up right where you left off.

Pixel Art Game Options:
  • To pause the game click the Pause button located at the upper left area on the game screen. To resume, click anywhere on the game screen.

Pixel Art Playing Tips:
  • You will find some of the pictures to be harder than others. But with practice even the most difficult picture can be solved. If you fail a level, each time you repeat it your chances of succeeding increase!

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pro: Pixel Art is quite challenging and fun. This game will give you a challenge... but it is a fair challenge!

Con: There doesn't seem to be any control to turn off the background music. (If there is, then I must have missed it!) Anyway you can always turn your speakers down low, or off.

I like this:


  1. It appears that picture #13 is a hidden picture. Keeping track of my few good moves, did not work on my next try. The picture must change upon re-entering. Therefore, the only other way to complete this challange puzzle and move on is to score enough bonus points to rid the board of most/all pieces. I had to go back and do a few of my past puzzles to rack up enough bonus points.

  2. Thanks Anonymous.

    Before I publish each game I always give it a good test-run to see if the game works okay, and if the game is a good fit for my site.

    After reading your comment I reloaded the game to see how far I had advanced. I see I am only on picture #6.

    As you can imagine, on a game with 100 levels, I simply do not have the time to test all 100 levels. Even though I cannot personally confirm what you say about picture #13, judging by the sincerity of your comment, I am sure you are correct. Thanks for the heads-up!

    It is thoughtful comments like this that tells me all of my hard work to create, and maintain, this site is worthwhile and inspires me to keep going.

    Thanks again.

    Richard, from Richard's Game Reviews

  3. I too am having problems with #13. Not only is it hidden, but I can't get to the next picture, even though I have completed it twice and used up all my bonus points doing so.