Paradise Island Jigsaw Puzzle

Game Description: Solve this fun jigsaw puzzle in 20 minutes or less!

How to Play Paradise Island Jigsaw Puzzle:

  • Use your mouse to drag the puzzle pieces into position.
  • Double click on a piece, or on a group of locked pieces, to rotate the piece(s) 90 degrees at a time.
  • When pieces match correctly you will hear a locking sound to confirm the match.
  • You can lock the pieces together anywhere on the board.
  • You will be given 100 points for each correct match.
  • You have 20 minutes to finish the puzzle.
  • A reward of 150 extra points for each remaining second will be added to your final score. So, the faster you can solve it the more points you will score!

Paradise Island Jigsaw Puzzle Game Options:
  • The music may be turned on or off by clicking the headphone icon located on the lower left side of the game board.

Paradise Island Jigsaw Puzzle Playing Tips:
  • The best strategy seems to be to take a little time, in the beginning, to separate at least some of the pieces by dragging them anywhere on the board (including the black areas at the top and bottom.) Without too many pieces overlapping your task is much easier. Just don't cover the clock!
  • Try completing the outer frame first. Then concentrate on the center pieces.
  • Pay attention to the outline of the puzzle pieces on the board. Then, find the piece that matches that shape.
  • The preview picture is on the left side of the board. Use this as a guide.

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Pro: Paradise Island Jigsaw Puzzle is quite nice. It is neither too easy, or too hard. It is a very pleasant way to spend some time!

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