Mini Putt

Game Description: Play 18 holes of miniature golf.

How to Play Mini Putt:

  • Place your ball on the dark green Mat at the beginning of each hole. To do this simply move the ball with your mouse and click the left button to drop it.
  • To aim your ball, move the mouse away from the direction you wish to shoot. A line composed of yellow dots will show you which direction the ball is going to roll. The longer the line is, the more powerful your shot will be.
  • Once you have your shot aimed click the left button on your mouse to shoot the ball.
  • There are 18 holes to play on this course. Par is 48.
  • Your goal is to complete the course with as few shots as possible.

Mini Putt Playing Tips:
  • At the beginning of each hole place your ball in the best possible position to set up your first shot.
  • Take a few seconds to plan each shot. Mini Putt is a game of angles.

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Comments: Mini Putt is one of the easier miniature golf games to play, yet it still provides a decent challenge. There are no water hazards on this course. With a little practice you can probably break par!

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