Farm Frenzy 2

Game Description: Farm Frenzy 2 is a time management game where you will operate a virtual farm!

How to Play Farm Frenzy 2:

  • Interact with your mouse by left clicking on objects.
  • Each level in Farm Frenzy 2 has a specific goal. The idea of Farm Frenzy 2 is to meet the goal requirement for each level so you can get to the next level. Sometimes, you will also need to earn enough gold stars so you can purchase a new required item to start the next level.

Farm Frenzy 2 Playing Tips: Farm Frenzy 2 has many elements. The game does a pretty decent job of explaining new elements as they come into play, so I am not going to try to explain everything here. But, I will give you some important basic information and tips to help get you started. The rest, you will figure out on your own. (Which is after all, part of the fun!)
  • When you begin a new level you will see a large Goals display in the center of the game screen. This screen will list all of the required items you must collect to complete the level. It shows you how many gold stars you earn for completing the level. Plus, it also shows you how many extra gold stars you can earn if you can complete the level by meeting either of the two time requirements.
  • After you click Ok on the Goals screen, you will be able to track this same information on the Goals icon displayed at the lower right on the game screen. Each time you collect one of the required items it will show on this display. You may also watch the clock there. You cannot get to the next level until you collect at least the minimum number of each required item.
  • There are 15 levels to play on this free version of Farm Frenzy 2. Between levels you will see a screen showing you what level you are currently playing. All levels you have completed will have a duck face on their icons. The icons look like little round buttons. The level you will play next is the plain one without a face.
  • Always click on the Shop button at the lower left corner. You may purchase all kinds of upgrades to make your farm more efficient, provided of course that you have enough stars. For example, you can purchase a larger and faster truck, a larger warehouse to store more products, or a cage that will catch bears faster. This is money well spent!
  • To begin a new level click on it's level icon. It looks like a little round button. You want to click on the one icon without a face as described in the previous bullet above. Chances are this will take you to the Shop screen. There you will see a moving orange arrow that points to one particular item in the shop. This means you must buy this item before you can continue on to the next level. If do not have enough stars to purchase the item you may go back and repeat any previous level to earn more stars. You may repeat a level once, or as many times as you need to until you do have enough stars. Then, go ahead and purchase the item you need. (Personally, I like to repeat the very first level of the game, Chicken Lane 1, because it is so easy and I can usually get the stars I need fast! Sometimes, however, this level will not earn you enough stars. So, you may have to play it more than once. Or, choose a higher level to repeat).
  • There are two kinds of farm products in this game: raw and refined. Raw products are the products produced by your animals, such as eggs. Refined products are products that require processing, such as egg powder. You will first encounter refined products on the third level, which is named Powder Street 1.
  • When your farm produces products you must click on each product (whether raw or refined) to get it in your warehouse. (Your warehouse is positioned at the bottom center of the game screen. It sort of looks like a table with a lot of sticks on top).
  • Once your products are in your warehouse you have a choice. You can ship and sell the items to the city by clicking on the truck (more about this on the next bullet), or you can use these items to produce refined products. Hint: Sometimes you need to collect certain products so you have the necessary ingredients to make the next line of products.
  • Once your products are in the warehouse there is one more step you will need to take to earn your gold coins. Your products must be shipped to the city! To do this you will need to click on the truck. When the new screen opens up sell any products you want, or sell them all if the warehouse has room, and then click the Ship button. You will receive your money as soon as the truck completes it shipment. (You may watch the truck's progress at the upper right corner of the screen). It must first go to the city and then come back to your farm. It will toot to let you know when it is back and the money will be deposited in your account (your account balance is shown at the top of the screen right next to the truck).
  • Buy extra livestock whenever you can, especially chickens. This will pay immediate dividends! The more chickens you have, the more eggs you will get. Animals produce the raw products you need and they are the backbone of your farm.
  • Be alert for bears! You will hear a bear growl before you will see it. Shortly after you hear the growl the bear will appear. Sometimes more than one bear will come. The bears are very destructive. They will kill your chickens and other livestock very quickly which will really set you back in the game. To capture a bear click on the bear repeatedly until it is safely in your warehouse. (Your warehouse is located at the bottom of the game screen). It is not enough to cage a bear. A caged bear is just as dangerous as a non-caged bear and will do just as much damage! So, when the bear is in the cage you still need to keep clicking on it repeatedly until it is safely in your warehouse. Then, you may sell the bear for gold coins when you ship your products to town.
  • All farm animals in Farm Frenzy 2 eat grass. To grow grass click the ground (in the middle area of your farm) where the animals graze.
  • The grass needs water! To water the grass click on your water well located on the upper middle part of the game screen. Watering costs 19 coins to refill your well each time it runs dry.
  • When the chickens cluck like crazy this means they are out of food. Start feeding them immediately, otherwise their clucking will likely attract bears and bring on a bear attack! Also, if your animals go without food for too long they will die!
  • Unless you need some quick cash, produce refined products rather than selling your products raw. Refined products earn you a lot more cash than raw products.
  • Sometimes you will need to use the airplane to order items from town. After the plane drops your items by parachute be sure to click on them as soon as posssible to get them into your warehouse. Otherwise, they may disappear from the screen and you will have to reorder.

Farm Frenzy 2 Game Options:
  • The sounds and music may be turned on or off by clicking either of the two buttons located at the upper right on the game screen.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pro: There is a good reason why they call this game farm frenzy. The game begins slow enough, to be sure. But, as you move up the levels your farm will become frenzied indeed. You will be clicking your mouse like crazy trying to keep up with all of the activity. Farm Frenzy 2 is, all-in-all, a very enjoyable game!

Con: There are two versions of Farm Frenzy 2: the free version (which I have here on Richard's Game Reviews) and the full version which is available for purchase. The free version unfortunately, as far as I can tell, does not allow you to save your game progress. (The free version of Farm Frenzy 2 has 15 levels, and you will unlikely get through all levels in one sitting). However, there is a simple way around this. Keep your Farm Frenzy 2 game open on Richard's Game Reviews on a separate tab; and do not shut down your computer. Then, simply open the tab anytime to continue your game. (Even if you decide not to do this you can still have plenty of fun with Farm Frenzy 2 because each time you repeat the game you will know how to get through the levels you previously completed in much faster time because you will know what to expect!)

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