Flowers Puzzle

Please Note: If Flowers Puzzle does not load properly, I apologize. If this should be the case, please realize that this is an internal problem with the game itself, and as a game publisher there is nothing I can do about it. The reason I mention this is because I am currently reviewing all of my game posts, and at least for today, the game refused to load as it should. Hopefully, this is just a temporary situation. Of course, there are lots of other games for you to play here on Richard's Game Reviews.

Game Description: This game is actually four games in one. There are four different flower jigsaw puzzles to solve.

How to Play Flowers Puzzle:

  • Click the 'Start new game' button.
  • Click on one of the four pictures to solve.
  • Use your mouse to drag the jigsaw pieces into position to form each flower picture.

Flowers Puzzle Playing Tips:
  • Each jigsaw piece is already facing in the right direction. The pieces do not rotate.
  • When two pieces fit correctly, they will visually 'snap' together (though there is no audible snapping sound).
  • To test if two pieces actually fit, try dragging them. If they drag together, then they fit.
  • Sometimes you may think a puzzle piece is in the correct position when it actually is not. It is a good idea to occasionally drag the entire puzzle slightly in one direction. Should a piece not be actually connected it will not move with the rest of the pieces so you can clearly see your mistake.

Richard's Rating: 2 out of 5.

Comments: These are pleasant puzzles to solve... not too easy, and not too hard.

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