Winter Solitaire

Winter Solitaire
Game Description: In Winter Solitaire all 52 cards are dealt to 13 stacks, of 4 cards each, in overlapping style. There are 4 foundation piles, one for each suit. A card may be moved from one stack to another if the card you are moving is an alternate color and one rank lower. Your objective is to manipulate the cards and try to build the four suits from Ace to King, before time runs out, in this challenging solitaire game. For the first level you are given 5 minutes. After that, your time decreases. Good luck!

How to Play Winter Solitaire:
  • Once the game fully loads, click the 'Start' button.
  • All 52 cards are dealt face up in 13 stacks of 4 cards each in overlapping style.
  • The rank of cards is the usual rank of: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, and K.
  • There are 4 foundations at the upper right corner, one for each suit.
  • The clock, which shows you how much time you have remaining to complete the level, is located near the upper left corner. For Level 1, you have 5 minutes. The alloted time decreases by 20 seconds as you go through each level. So each level becomes more and more difficult. (I believe once you reach Level 7, the time limitation stops decreasing, and you get 3 minutes for all levels after that).
  • Only the outermost card, or cards, from each stack may be moved.
  • A card may be moved from one stack to another by dragging with your mouse.
  • Try to build each of the 4 foundations from Ace to King before time runs out. You may move a card to a foundation pile either by dragging the card, or by double-clicking it. (Hint: double-clicking is faster!)
  • A card may be moved from one stack to another if the card you are moving is an alternate color and one rank lower. For example, a red 4 may be moved onto a stack whose outermost card is a black 5.
  • Cards may also be moved in groups provided they are in alternating colors and in descending sequence. For example, a group consisting of a black 8, a red 7, and a black 6 may be moved unto a stack whose outermost card is a red 9.
  • When all of the cards from a stack have been removed you will see a large snowflake, which signifies a blank space.
  • Any card, or any group of cards that are in alternating colors and in descending sequence, may be moved unto a blank space.
  • Click the 'Undo' button to undo as many moves as you wish.
  • If you run out of moves Winter Solitaire will ask you if you want to continue your game by clicking the 'Undo' button, or if you wish to give up and quit.
  • Score 20 points for each card you build to a foundation.
  • Lose 10 points each time you click the 'Undo' button.
  • Score Time Bonus points for finishing a round early. The faster you finish a round, the more Time Bonus points you will earn!
  • Your goal is to get all 52 cards unto the foundations before time runs out. If you do, you go on to the next round.
  • It is never necessary for you to move all 52 cards unto the foundation piles. Once you have all remaining stacks in alternating colors and in descending sequence, Winter Solitaire will immediately release all of the cards and automatically bring them to the foundation piles for you.
  • The game ends when you run out of time.
  • Important: Never click the 'Main Menu' button after you begin play. If you do, you will lose all of your game progress with no possibility of getting it back.

Play Winter Solitaire on Full Screen

Please Note: Before playing Winter Solitaire in Full Screen mode, you may want to take a moment, or two, to read my review. Then, after playing your game, simply click the back button on your browser to return to this page.

Winter Solitaire Game Options:
  • The game music may be turned on or off by clicking the musical note icon.
  • The game sounds may be turned on or off by clicking the headphone icon.
  • Stop the game by clicking the 'Pause' button. To resume play, click the 'Play' button.

Winter Solitaire Playing Tips:
  • Do play the game on Full Screen mode. It will make the cards bigger, and more readable, and enhance your overall game playing experience.
  • Try to get a blank space as quickly as possible by removing all of the cards from a stack. Having one or more blank spaces dramatically increases your flexibility and opens up the game. This gives you the ability to make a lot of different moves.
  • If possible, try to play all 4 aces to the foundations early in the round. If you can, it seems to make things quite a bit easier.
  • Double-click the cards to the foundations instead of dragging them. It is definitely faster. Remember, every second counts!
  • Use the 'Undo' button when necessary. Yes, you will lose some points. But it is better to lose some points, rather than losing the entire game.
  • Personally I like to play with the music turned off. For me, I find that it is easier to concentrate with the music off.
  • Give Winter Solitaire a few tries. No doubt, it is certainly a challenging game. But, after you play it a few times you will start to get into a rhythm and suddenly it doesn't seem nearly as hard. So, just give it a chance.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Comments: Winter Solitaire is addictive and fun!

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