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Game Description: Discover USA has a rather unusual combination of three challenging, and fun, types of games. There is a Bubble Shooting game, a Spot the Difference game, and a Scrambled Picture game where you will be required to put the scrambled pieces of a picture back into its original form. There are 10 levels of play. You will play all three types of games on each level. Each level has a 10 minute time limit. It is important to know that the clock will continue to count down as you complete each game. This means that you must complete all three games within the 10 minutes, in order to advance to the next level of play.

How to Play Discover USA:

  • Once the game fully loads, and it may take a little while because this is a rather large game file, click the 'Play' button.
  • On the next screen you see, click 'Play' once again.
  • There are 3 types of games you will play on each level: a Bubble Shooting game, a Spot the Difference game, and a Scrambled Picture game.
  • The time you have remaining to complete a level is indicated by the clock at the upper left corner. You begin each level with 10 minutes of time. Please note that the 10 minutes is the total amount of time you have to complete all 3 games for each level. For instance on Level 1, the Empire State Building, you have 10 total minutes. So, let's say for example that it takes you 2 minutes to complete the Bubble Shooting game on Level 1. That would leave you 8 minutes to complete the final 2 games (the Spot the Difference game and the Scrambled Picture game) on Level 1.
  • For the Bubble Shooting games, shoot the bubbles up into the grid and make matches of 3 or more like-colored bubbles to destroy them. You goal is to destroy all of the bubbles as quickly as possible and before any bubble crosses the line at the bottom. If you are able to destroy all of the bubbles you will go on to the next game which is a Spot the Difference game. If any bubble crosses the line at the bottom, the game is immediately over.
  • For the Spot the Difference games, there are two pictures side-by-side. There are 7 differences to be found. When you find a difference click on it; and something will either be added to or removed from one of the pictures, or some other change such as a color change will be made, to eliminate the difference. Each time you click anywhere other than on a difference, 10 seconds will be deducted from the clock. Your goal is to find all of the 7 differences as quickly as possible. If you do manage to find all of the 7 differences, you will go on to the final game for that level which is the Scrambled Picture game.
  • The Spot the Difference games have two 'Hint' buttons located near the upper right corner of each picture. To use a hint, you may click either 'Hint' button and Discover USA will briefly encircle the area where you should click.
  • For the Scrambled Picture game, your goal is to put the scrambled picture back into its original form as quickly as possible. You do this by clicking on any 2 picture pieces to swap their positions. (Hint: If you need to refresh your memory, you can see what the original picture looks like once more by clicking and holding your mouse button down on the eye icon located at the lower right corner of the screen. Then, release your mouse to start working on the picture once again).
  • Earn Time Bonus points for finishing a level. The sooner you finish a level, the more Time Bonus points you will earn!
  • You lose, and the game immediately ends, if any bubble on the Bubble Shooting games crosses the bottom line or if you run out of time on any level.
  • Discover USA has 10 levels of play.
  • Important: Never click the 'Menu' button after you begin playing. If you do, you will lose all of your game progress with no possibility of getting it back.

Discover USA Game Options: All of the game options are located at the upper right corner. The game options are:
  • Click the headphone icon to turn the music on and off.
  • Click the microphone icon to turn the game sounds on and off.
  • Click the 'Pause' button to take a break. Click the 'Back' button to resume play.

Please Note: I apologize for the extra large size of this game. It really does not fit on my site very well. However, if I shrink this game the sides of the game would be cut-off which obviously would not be acceptable. I am also going to give you a link to play Discover USA in Full Screen mode should you so desire. But before playing on full screen, please do read my review. And remember, you may always come back to this page after playing your full screen game by clicking the back button on your browser.

Discover USA Playing Tips:
  • For the Bubble Shooting game, use the shot indicators (that is, the red circle and the red lines). Your shot will always go exactly where the red circle is positioned. So, for instance, if you are trying to "squeeze" a shot between two bubbles and if the red circle will fit in between those two bubbles you will know that the shot is possible. On the other hand, if the red circle will not fit between those two bubbles you know that you cannot make that particular shot. Also use the red line indicators to "bend" your shot and position the red circle exactly where you need it. And, like all Bubble Shooting games, if you can make a match higher up, the lower bubbles will also be destroyed if they are not connected to other bubbles elsewhere.
  • For the Spot the Difference games there seems to be no point deduction for using the hints. And the hints, as far as I have been able to tell, seem to be unlimited. So my advice would be to use as many hints as you can if you are trying for a high score, or if you just want to make things easier.
  • For the Scrambled Picture game, notice there is an outside border that surrounds all of the picture pieces. You should use this border to help you place the picture pieces into their correct positions.
  • Also for the Scrambled Picture game, if you need to see the original picture you can click on the eye icon located at the lower right corner. It will cost you 10 points each time you use the eye icon. However, if you are running out of time this can help you finish a level. Remember you will not only need to click on the eye icon, but you must also hold down your mouse button while you are clicking to view the original picture. Then, release your mouse to begin working on the picture once again.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pro: Discover USA is yet another fine game from game developer Bram Schoonhoven. Bram's games are always innovative, unique, and challenging. Discover USA meets these same criteria. Having a Bubble Shooting game, along with a Spot the Difference game, and a Scrambled Picture game, is a very unusual combination. However, somehow it works. I do enjoy the variety. Anyone who likes playing games should enjoy this one.

Con: I know Bram a little bit. We have even communicated by email a few times, and I know how he operates. He prides himself on having challenging games. In fact, the way we got to know each other was when I complained, in one of my reviews, that his games seemed much too difficult. So, I know that having unlimited hints on the Spot the Differences games is simply a mistake on his part, especially since no points are deducted. It makes no sense, of course, because everyone can simply use a hint on each of the 7 differences. I could send him an email about this... but I won't! lol.

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