Bloons 2

Game Description: Pop bloons with darts. Pop at least the required number of bloons to make it to the next level. Not only are there darts. There are bees, boomerangs, airplanes, and all kinds of wonderful things to help you pop the bloons! Each level presents a brand new challenge and will really make you think, and use your imagination, to figure out a solution.

How to Play Bloons 2:

  • Once the game fully loads, click the 'Play Game' button. (Note: This is an exceptionally large game file, so it may take a little longer to load than most games).
  • The next screen you will see will be the Map. The Map has eight main sections: Popping Fields, Bloon Dunes, Frosty Fun, Sneak Peaks, Rubber Jungle, The Temple of Bloon, Crazy Coast, and Mount Magma. Each section, that I have played so far, contains 12 levels. So it looks like there may be 96 levels in all. You must win each level before you can go on to the next one. (Please Note: You may play the first 72 levels here on Richard's Game Reviews. Crazy Coast and Mount Magma are reserved for the game developer's site).
  • If this is your first time playing Bloons 2 you will need to start with the Level 1, so you would click Popping Fields. (You will also see that all of the other Map sections have a lock on them. As you complete a section, the next section will unlock).
  • If you are a returning player, you may start on the last level you played by clicking on the corresponding Map section. You may also go back and replay any unlocked level to try to get a higher score.
  • The goal of Bloons 2 is to pop the required number of bloons before you run out of darts.
  • You shoot the darts with your mouse. Hold down your left mouse button, then release. Control the direction of your shot with mouse movement. Control the strength of the shot with the timing of your release. The longer the arrow, the stronger the shot will be.
  • The number of darts you have available is shown just to the right of the green Map button.
  • If you pop the required number of bloons (shown as the Target number at the bottom of the screen), you go on to the next level.
  • If you fail, you may try as many times as you need until you succeed.
  • Should things be going poorly on a level, and you know you will not succeed with your current try, you may click the 'Reset' button rather than shooting the remaining darts. This will reset the level from the beginning.
  • You may click the 'View Solution' button, if you have any View Solution credits left, and Bloons 2 will show you a one-time view of how it is done.
  • If you have any Super Monkeys left, you may click the 'Skip Level' button. The Skip Level button does not automatically skip a level for you. You must use the Super Monkey to finish the level. The Super Monkey shoots a red beam to pop the bloons and destroy anything else that is in your way. Just remember, you still must pop enough bloons with the Super Monkey to get to the next level. Also, when you use a Super Monkey, you will earn no level points.
  • There is also another way to get through a level, and that is with Unlimited Darts. You may turn on the Unlimited Darts by clicking the 'Unlimited Darts' button. This will give you, as the name says, an unlimited amount of darts to use. You can find the 'Unlimited Darts' button near the lower right corner on the level screen after you click a Map section. However, if you do use the Unlimited Darts feature, just like when you use the Super Monkey, you will not earn any points for the level.
  • You can always go back, and replay any level again to try to get a higher score.
  • Each time you complete a section of the Map, you will earn one additional Super Monkey and one additional Solution Credit.
  • Bloons 2 will automatically save all of your level progress, and your game scores, as long as you use the same computer each time you play. So, you can always pick up right where you last left off!

Bloons 2 Game Options:
  • The game music and game sounds each have their own control located at the bottom right corner on most game screens.

Bloons 2 Playing Tips:
  • Be creative with your shots. Here is just one example. Some levels require that you earn extra darts with a shot before you can complete the level.
  • Watch each shot carefully. Find out what works, and what doesn't work.
  • I don't want to spoil too much of your fun, but I will just give you this one tip. On Popping Fields, once you release the bees, you will need to guide the bees with your mouse to the areas where you want them to go.
  • If you have no more Super Monkeys left, and you still want to make progress, you may use the 'Unlimited Darts' feature. Even though you will earn no points; using the 'Unlimited Darts' feature will at least allow you to progress to the next level. Remember, you can always come back later to any level and try again to earn those points!
  • Please Note: There are some short-cut features in this game that require MochiCoins. However, if you are skillful, you may play the entire game for free. It will just take you a while.

Richard's Rating: 5 out of 5.

Pro: How creative is Bloons 2? This game will really make you think. Not only are there darts. There are bees, boomerangs, airplanes, and all kinds of wonderful things! This game should keep anyone entertained for hours on end!

Con: Sometimes before the last bloon, or two, pops on a level, the game seems to freeze up momentarily.

Play on Full Screen

Please Note: Before playing Bloons 2 in Full Screen mode, you may want to take a moment, or two, to read my review. Then, after playing your game, simply click the back button on your browser to return to this page.

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