Golf Solitaire Pro

Game Description: Try to win as many rounds of golf solitaire as you can by removing all of the cards from the layout.

How to Play Golf Solitaire Pro:

  • After the game fully loads, click the 'Play' button.
  • Each round begins with some cards dealt face-up at the top (called the layout). The remaining cards (at the bottom) are the deck cards. (The first deck card is dealt face-up. That card is the first card in the discard pile. The rest of the deck cards are dealt face-down in overlapping style, to the left of the discard pile).
  • The rank of cards is the usual rank of: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, and K.
  • Cards can be moved from the layout if they are the top card of any stack, and if they are one rank higher or lower than the card shown in the discard pile.
  • Note that the Ace is both high and low, and either a 2 or a King can be played on it. Also, an Ace can be played on a King.
  • Suits do not matter.
  • To move a card from the layout to the discard pile, simply click on it. Now that card becomes the top card in the discard pile, and you can build on that card too.
  • Any uncoverd Wild Card can be played at any time (that is, it can be moved to the discard pile).
  • Any card from the layout may be moved to the discard pile when the discard pile shows a Wild Card.
  • When you run out of moves, click the 'Next Card' from the deck card pile and that card will become the new top card in the discard pile.
  • You may click the 'Undo' button at anytime to undo your last move. However, the undo button can only go back one move, and cannot go back any further.
  • Your goal is to remove all of the cards from the layout, to the discard pile. If you do, you go on to the next round of play.
  • If you fail to remove all of the cards from the layout... it is game over!

How to Score in Golf Solitaire Pro:
  • Time Bonus -- You will see the Time Bonus points count down near the upper right corner as you play. If you complete a successful round before the Time Bonus points get all the way down to zero, you earn any points that remain.
  • Deck Card Bonus -- Receive 1000 points for each deck card that remains in the deck card pile when you complete a successful round.
  • Card Run Bonus -- The Card Run Bonus is based on your longest run of cards played during the entire game up to that point. For instance, let's say in Round 1 you played 8 cards in a row. Your Card Run Bonus for Round 1 would be 8000 points (8 x 1000). Now let's also say that in Round 2 your best run was 7 cards played in a row. Your Round 2 Card Run Bonus would also be 8000 points because you played more cards in a row during Round 1. So, in this example, you will continue to earn an 8000 Card Run Bonus for each successful round you complete, until you can better your 8 cards played in a row.
  • Round Bonus -- The Round Bonus is earned each time you successfully complete a round. It is calculated as the round number times 1000. So, for Round 1 your Round Bonus would be 1000 points (1 x 1000). For Round 2 your Round Bonus would be 2000 points (2 x 1000), and so on.

Golf Solitaire Pro Game Options:
  • The game sounds may be turned on or off by clicking the microphone icon located near the lower right corner.
  • To pause the game click the 'Menu' button also located near the lower right corner. To begin play again, click the 'Resume' button.

Golf Solitaire Pro Playing Tips:
  • When you have a choice of playing two different cards, and one of the cards covers another card, but the other one does not, it is usually better to play the card that is covering another card. The reason is, you want to put as many cards in play as you possibly can. This increases your chance of success.
  • With Golf Solitaire Pro, like all tripeaks solitaire games, your success, or lack thereof, will depend on the order in which you play your cards.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Comments: Golf Solitaire Pro is a very pleasant and fun version of tripeaks solitaire. The graphics are big and colorful. The sounds effects are understated, but do add a bit of pizzazz to the game. (I especially like the polite clapping you hear after you win a round. It sounds just like the polite clapping you would hear at a golf tournament. However, those bird sounds in the background can become a little annoying). The cards are big, and easy to read with a simple design. Which to me is always an important factor. (I cannot not tell you how many card games I see where the cards are either too small, or they try to make the cards so fancy it is hard to figure out if the card is a jack or a queen for example). If you like card games, and if you enjoy tripeaks solitaire in particular, you should find Golf Solitaire Pro to be a positive card playing experience.

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Please Note: Before playing Golf Solitaire Pro in Full Screen mode, you may want to take just a moment, or two, to read my review. Then, after playing your game, simply click the back button on your browser to return to this page.

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  1. I received an email from Kelly D.

    Kelly says: "I have a question I hope you can help me with. I have been playing golf solitaire pro and really enjoy it. However, I have a question about it. It seems that when my score gets around 800,000, the cards on the board don't line up properly and the cards in the deck start showing up already turned over. Any idea how I can solve this problem?"

    First of all, I want you to know Kelly that I did answer your email. However, for some unknown technical reason, my email failed to go through. So Kelly, I am going to give you my response here, and hope that you will see it.

    I should first explain that I always play a game at least several times, to thoroughly to test it, when I write a review. I want to make sure that the game works properly. And I also have to explain, to the best of my ability, how to play the game. I published my review of Golf Solitaire Pro about two months ago back on October of 2011. I do remember playing this particular game quite a bit, and I did not notice any problems at all at that time.

    After receiving your inquiry, I begin playing Golf Solitaire Pro once again to see exactly what you were talking about. I also encountered the exact same problem you described. However, this happened to me during rounds 1 or 2 when I was at about 100,000 points. So I don't think the point total has anything to do with this glitch. And yes, apparently Golf Solitaire Pro does have a minor glitch in it. The good thing is however, as far as I can tell, the game play does not seem to be affected at all. In other words, you can still play any card you want, as fast as you want. So what this seems to be is really a cosmetic problem, and nothing more. Yes, it is a bit of a distraction. I tried testing a different game code, hoping that would help. It worked flawless for about 15 minutes, but then it began doing the same thing as well. So, to answer your question, there really is not much you can do as a player to solve this problem. You might try to refresh this page. That could possibly help a little.

    Anyway Kelly, I hope that you see this. I am grateful that you called this to my attention. I am sorry that I could not come up with a more satisfactory response. However I think that you can still enjoy playing Golf Solitaire Pro, despite this minor problem.

    Richard, from Richard's Game Reviews