Sneaky's Road Trip Istanbul

Game Description: Sneaky, the Super Sneaky Spy Guy, is in the mysterious and exotic city of Istanbul, Turkey. There are several hidden items that need to be found. Use your magnifying glass to take a closer look!

How to Play Sneaky's Road Trip Istanbul:

  • There are 145 items to be found.
  • All of the items you are searching for are listed on the left side of each game screen.
  • Click on the magnifying glass to turn it on or off. You can use the magnifying glass at any time.
  • When you find an item, click on it with your left mouse button. The found item will disappear from the screen.
  • Try not to click anything other than items, or you will be penalized 5 seconds.
  • The more items you can find, and the faster you can find them, the higher you will score!
  • Once you find all of the items you will automatically move on to the next level of play.
  • Should you be unable to find every item you may click the 'Skip' button to move to the next level. However, once you click 'Skip' you cannot go back.
  • There are 5 fun-filled levels of play.

Sneaky's Road Trip Istanbul Game Options:
  • Click the 'Pause' button, at any time, to take a break and rest your eyes. To resume, click the 'Play' button.
  • Click the 'Sound' button to turn the music on or off.

Sneaky's Road Trip Istanbul Playing Tips:
  • Don't forget to search near the edges of each picture. Sometimes, the hidden items are there.
  • When you click, make sure that you click directly on the item, or else you will get a 5 second penalty.

Sneaky's Road Trip Istanbul the Complete Walkthrough: If you would like to see the complete solution to Sneaky's Road Trip Istanbul here are the links. I suggest, that if you get seriously stuck, that you take a quick peek at each solution, and then try to do it on your own.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Comments: It has been a while since I published a Sneaky's Road Trip game. What I like most about these games is the consistent high quality you get. The pictures are always beautiful and crystal-clear, and there is always a nice combination of easy and hard to find items. Since Sneaky's Road Trip Istanbul is one of the later additions of this series it also has the two big improvements that were made along the way. Namely, there is now a 'Skip' button that allows a player to skip to the next level. (The earliest Sneaky Road Trip games did not have this convenient option and players could not move on to the next level of play until they found every single item. I remember how frustrating it was not to be able to finish your game if you could not find those last one or two items. Well, thankfully, with the addition of the 'Skip' feature now you can. This undoubtedly was the biggest, and most important, improvement that was made). The other improvement was adding the 'Sound' button that allows you to turn the sounds on or off. Although I love that enchanting music, it is certainly nice to have the option of being able to turn it off should I wish to do so. If you are a Sneaky's Road Trip fan, you already know how fun these games are and Sneaky's Road Trip Istanbul will definitely not disappoint. If you have never played a Sneaky's Road Trip game, get ready to be delighted!

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