Solitaire: A Deck Of Cods

Game Description: Stop floundering around and prove you're the Ace of Baits in Solitaire: A Deck of Cods. In this fishy new twist to Solitaire, clear your cards to reel in the fish! The more cards you move in succession, the larger the fish you catch! Catch a wide variety to fill up your trophy case! You'll fall for this one hook, line, and sinker!

How to Play Solitaire: A Deck Of Cods

  • Solitaire: A Deck Of Cods is played like regular tripeaks solitaire, except that there are a few special rules.
  • Each level uses a standard deck of 52 playing cards plus special wildcards (more about these later).
  • The majority of cards will be dealt to the board at the top, some face up and some face down. (In Levels 1-3, all of the board cards will be dealt face up).
  • There is also a 'Draw' pile at the bottom (face down), and one 'Hold' card (face up) immediately to the right of the 'Draw' pile.
  • The rank of cards is the usual rank of: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, and K.
  • Board cards are only eligible to be played when there is no other card on the board that is overlapping them.
  • Any eligible board card may be played to the 'Hold' card when it is either one rank higher or lower. For instance, if the 'Hold' card is a 7 any eligible board card of 8 or 6 may be moved. (To move a card you simply click on it).
  • When you move a card, that card becomes the new 'Hold' card.
  • Suits don't matter.
  • Kings may be played on Aces, and Aces may be played on Kings.
  • When you can no longer make any plays from the board, click the 'Draw' pile to get a new 'Hold' card.
  • The 'Draw' pile has a limited number of cards available. You can check to see how many cards remain in the 'Draw' pile by looking directly below it. There you will see the word 'Cast', and to the right there a number in parenthesis. That number tells you how many cards remain in the 'Draw' pile.
  • There are 3 kinds of wildcards to help you win the game. They are: 'Lure' cards, 'Fish Finder' cards, and 'Feeding Frenzy' cards.
  • There are several ways that you can get wildcards. When you see them on the board, and they are the top card in a column, you should click on them. You can also get wildcards from the 'Draw' pile. Still another way to earn wildcards is sometimes (but not always) by using up all cards in a column, or removing every card from the entire board.
  • Your tackle box is at the bottom left. Your tackle box holds two kinds of wildcards: Lures and Feeding Frenzy bottles. (When you click on a 'Lure' card or a 'Feeding Frenzy' card they will immediately go into your tackle box but they will no longer look like playing cards. Instead, they will take the form of a Lure or a Feeding Frenzy bottle respectively).
  • You may use a Lure or a Feeding Frenzy bottle from your tackle box at any time. However you may also want to save your Lures and Feeding Frenzy bottles until you really need them, because they will carry over to any level you play.
  • Notice that each Lure in your tackle box has a number or letter on it. These numbers or letters represent a playing card. For instance, a Lure with the letter K represents a King. A Lure with the number 10 would represent a ten, and so forth. Again, you may use a Lure from your tackle box anytime you wish. To use a Lure, simply click on it. That card now becomes the new 'Hold' card. Also realize that the Lure does not need to be one rank higher or lower than the current 'Hold' card. The Lure is a wildcard and may be used at anytime.
  • You may also use a Feeding Frenzy bottle from your tackle box at anytime by simply clicking on it. The Feeding Frenzy bottle will shuffle all cards on the board. Use it to hopefully get a more favorable arrangement of cards.
  • The third kind of wildcard is the 'Fish Finder' card. Unlike the other two kinds of wildcards the 'Fish Finder' card is used immediately and does not go into your tackle box. When you click on a 'Fish Finder' card all face down cards on the board will immediately be turned face up. This is to your advantage, of course, because knowing what all of the board cards are can certainly help you.
  • Click the 'Undo' button, at the bottom, to undo your last move. You only get one 'Undo' per level. So, use it wisely! (Once in a while you may get another 'Undo' by clearing a column, but this is somewhat rare).
  • Generally when you clear an entire column or clear the entire board you will usually, but not always, get some type of reward. You may, for instance, earn a wildcard or earn an additional 'Undo'.
  • Each card from the board, and each lure, represents one inch.
  • The more cards you play in a row, the bigger your fish!
  • At the beginning of each level you are given a specific goal to meet. Example 1: Catch a fish at least 5 inches long. Example 2: Catch at least 3 fish.
  • Meet your goal and graduate to the next fishing hole, thereby unlocking the next level of play. (When you reach your level goal, a green checkmark will appear at the lower right bottom of the screen).
  • If you fail to meet your goal, there is no need to worry. Solitaire: A Deck Of Cods will not penalize you and make you start over. You can simply repeat a level, as many times as you need, until you meet the required goal.
  • There are 18 levels of play. The first 9 levels are freshwater fishing. The last 9 levels are saltwater fishing.
  • Check your trophy room to see which kinds of fish you have caught. (Click the 'Menu' button at the bottom. Next click the 'Main Menu' button on the 'Game Paused' screen. Then click the 'Trophy Room' button). There are two trophy rooms. There is one room for freshwater fish, and another for saltwater fish.
  • You may replay any unlocked level at anytime. (From the 'Main Level' screen click the 'Choose a Level' button).
  • Click the 'Reset' button to erase all of your game progress and begin an entire new game. (From the 'Main Level' screen click the 'Choose a Level' button. Then click the 'Reset' button). Only click 'Reset' if you are sure you want to erase all of your game progress. Solitaire: A Deck Of Cods will give you a warning and tell you that you will be deleting all of your game progress, all of your Trophys, and everything in your tackle box. Only click the 'Yes, Reset' button if you really want to start a brand new game because once you click 'Yes, Reset' it cannot be undone.
  • Solitaire: A Deck Of Cods should automatically save all of your game progress as long as you use the same computer. Then, just come back again and pick up where you last left off.

Play Solitaire: A Deck Of Cods on Full Screen

Please Note: Before playing Solitaire: A Deck Of Cods in Full Screen mode, you may want to take a moment, or two, to read my review. Then, after playing your game, simply click the back button on your browser to return to this page.

Solitaire: A Deck Of Cods Game Options
  • Click the 'Music/Mute Music' button, located near the lower right corner, to turn the music on or off.
  • Click the 'Sounds/Mute Sounds' button, also located near the lower right corner, to turn the game sounds on or off.

Solitaire: A Deck Of Cods Playing Tips
  • As with all tripeaks solitaire games it is the order in which you play your cards that will determine your success.

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Pro: Solitaire: A Deck Of Cods is unique and delightful. Yes it is rather easy to win, but it still somewhat fun to play.

Con: Solitaire: A Deck Of Cods may not be challenging enough for some players.

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