Muay Thai

Game Description: You are a tough street fighter that has mastered the art of Muay Thai, a type of fighting that originates from Thailand. You must take on all comers. Good luck!

How to Play Muay Thai:

  • You are the character in the red trunks. (If you would like to play the game as a different character named Ryu, you can. Ryu has the advantage of being able to jump really high. His jumping ability makes it easier to defeat most, if not all, opponents. To play the game as Ruy, click the 'Enter Code' button located at the lower right corner. Then, enter the following code: STREETFIGHTER (all capital letters).
  • You will fight each opponent one at a time.
  • Click the 'Start Game' button. (If you want to practice some of your moves before you begin the game, click the 'Training' button first, then click the 'Start Game' button when you are ready).
  • Select your difficulity: 'Easy', 'Medium', or 'Hard'.
  • In Muay Thai you use 3 keys on your keyboard: the 'z', 'x', and 'c' keys, plus your 4 arrow keys.
  • z = Block
  • x = Punch
  • c = Kick
  • left/right = turn around and move forward
  • down (hold) + x = Uppercut
  • up (hold) + x = Hyper uppercut
  • down (hold) + c = Hook kick
  • up (hold) + c = Knee kick
  • up + x = Double punch
  • x + up + x = Triple punch
  • x + up + x + up = Super punch combo
  • c + up = Double kick
  • c + up + c = Triple kick
  • c + up + c + up = Super kick combo
  • down (hold) + x + up = Double uppercut
  • down (hold) + c + up = Hook knee combo
  • down (hold) + left/right = Rolling (invincible)
  • down (hold) + left/right + x = Rolling uppercut
  • down (hold) + left/right + c = Rolling hook kick
  • p = pause game
  • r = resume game
  • Your health is shown by the yellow bar on the left
  • Your opponent's health is shown by the yellow bar on the right.
  • If your opponent's health gets down to zero before yours does, you win and go on to the next fighter.
  • If you defeat all of the fighters on a level, you go on to the next level.
  • If your health gets down to zero before your opponent's does, you lose.
  • When you lose a fight, click the 'Continue' button to repeat the level. (If you click the 'Restart' button you will be taken back to the Main Menu. However, when you click the 'Start Game' button you will actually advance to the next level instead of starting the game over again from the beginning, or repeating the level you failed... which makes absoutely no sense to me. However, if you would like to advance to the next level, like this, just know that you can.
  • There are 6 levels called stages. They are: Stage 1 "The Mask", Stage 2 "Hit Me If You Can", Stage 3 "Big Guy", Stage 4 "Final Fight", Stage 99 "Ryu from the future", and Stage 666 "Akuma!!!" Each stage has several fighters that you must defeat.
  • If, at the beginning of the game, you would like to skip the first four stages you can. Click the 'Enter Code' button at the lower right corner on the Main Menu. Enter the following code: RYUFROMFUTURE (all capital letters) to go immediately to Stage 99 to fight Ryu. Or, enter the code: GOUKENSLAYER (all capital letters) to go immediately to stage 666 and fight Akuma.
  • If you want to start the game again from the very beginning, the best thing you can do is probably to refresh the entire page.

Muay Thai Game Options:
  • The music may be turned on or off by clicking the microphone icon located at the top somewhat towards the right corner.

Muay Thai Playing Tips:
  • When you find a combination that works keep repeating it until it no longer works.
  • When you are fighting enemies like the dragon who can blow fire, or other characters that have special powers, duck and roll while they are using these powers to try to minimize your damage.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Comments: One of the best things about Muay Thai is the 3 difficulity settings. This allows everyone to enjoy success no matter what their abilities. Muay Thai is a great fighting game... it simply a blast!

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