Sudoku Eastern Wisdom

Game Description: Play the classic game of sudoku.

How to Play Sudoku Eastern Wisdom:

  • Select your level of difficulty: easy, medium, or hard.
  • The goal in sudoku is to place numbers on the board so that all rows, columns, and colored 3x3 sections contain the numbers 1 to 9 with no repetition.
  • Each game begins with some numbers already in place (the black numbers).
  • Black numbers cannot be changed.
  • Fill all of the remaining squares with a colored number from 1 to 9.
  • To fill a square with a number, click on the square. Then from the pop up menu, click on the number you wish to insert.
  • If you previously have inserted a colored number in a square and you want to change that number, but you are currently undecided about which number you want, you can return the square back to blank until you are ready to decide. To do this, click on the square. Then click the blank square from the pop up menu.
  • Should you repeat a number in any row, column, or colored 3x3 section Sudoku Eastern Wisdom will alert you by placing a large red 'X' on all squares where you have a repetition. This means you will have to make changes to one or more of your colored numbers.
  • Colored numbers can be changed as many times as you need until you solve sudoku.

Sudoku Eastern Wisdom Game Options:
  • The background music may be turned on or off by clicking the sound button located at the lower right corner of the game screen.
  • You can change the game screen background anytime by clicking any of the 5 scene buttons located at the bottom of the game screen.
  • If you want to take a break, click the 'pause' button located at the top of the game screen. Read the words of 'Eastern wisdom.' Click 'play' when you are ready to resume the game.
  • If you want to quit the game, click the 'return' button located at the top right corner of the game screen. Then click 'yes'. This will return you to the main menu where you may begin a new game.

Sudoku Eastern Wisdom Playing Tips:
  • If you are new to sudoku, begin with the easy level. If you are an experienced sudoku player, play either the medium or hard levels for a greater challenge.
  • It is easier to start filling in the board from rows, columns, and 3x3 sections where the maximum numbers are already known.
  • When deciding what number should go in a square, you must check to see what other numbers are already in that square's row, column, and 3x3 section. It is best if you can be 100% certain of your decision before you insert a number into a square. Sometimes, you may have to take an 'educated guess' when you may be only 75% to 80% sure. But, of course, there would still be that 20 to 25 percent chance that you could be wrong!
  • Remember, just because you do not initally get a red 'X' after inserting a number, this does not necessarily mean you are right. You can still get a red 'X' on that square as you insert more numbers on the board.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pro: I have been looking for a good sudoku game to bring to Richard's Game Reviews for quite some time. Sudoku fans rejoice. The search is over! Sudoku Eastern Wisdom has everything I wanted... and more. The numbers are large and easy to read. The graphics are clever. The 5 backgrounds are beautiful. If you are already a sudoku fan, or would like to learn the game, you will definitely enjoy Sudoku Eastern Wisdom.

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