Sneaky's Road Trip Philadelphia

Game Description: Sneaky is going across country, this time he is in Philadelphia. There are several hidden items that need to be found. Use your magnifying glass to take a closer look!

How to Play Sneaky's Road Trip Philadelphia:

  • All of the items you must find are listed on the left side of each game screen.
  • Click on the magnifying glass to turn it on or off. You can use the magnifying glass at any time.
  • When you find an item, click on it with your left mouse button.
  • Try not to click anything other than items or you will be penalized 5 seconds.
  • The faster you can find all of the items the higher you will score!
  • Click the 'Pause' button at any time to take a break and rest your eyes. To resume, click the 'Play' button.
  • Once you find all of the items you can move on to the next level.
  • There are 5 fun-filled levels of play.

Sneaky's Road Trip Philadelphia Playing Tips:
  • Remember to search near the edges of the pictures, because sometimes the hidden objects can be found there.
  • I will give you one extra hint on Level 1, because that fifth crystal is so very hard to find. It is, perhaps, the hardest item to find in the entire game. The last crystal on Level 1 is found on the white building next to the telephone pole on the right side of the street. It is located on this building just under the telephone wire where the wire crosses the building. You will likely need to use your magnifying glass to find it.

Sneaky's Road Trip Philadelphia Walkthrough: If you would like to see the solution to all five levels of Sneaky's Road Trip Philadelphia, here are the links. I suggest that you just take a quick peek, and then try to do it on your own. Then if you get stuck again, go ahead and take another look.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pro: Sneaky's Road Trip Philadelphia is marvelous! Yes, it is quite challenging to find every item... and very fun too, I must say. I assure you every item really is there. If you want to take a peek at the solution I have the walkthrough to all 5 levels right here on Richard's Game Reviews. You may find it kind of fun to just take a quick peek at the answers and then get back to the game. You will find the links at the end of this post. Have fun!

Con: Since this is one of the older Sneaky Road Trip games, there is no control that allows you to turn off the background music or sound effects. So, you will need to adjust your speakers accordingly. Did you notice, by the way, a funny mistake about this game? If you look at the upper left corner of each of the five puzzles, you will see the words 'New York' instead of 'Philadelphia.' I just thought it was a somewhat funny observation to point out!

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