Hexa Connect

Game Description: Connect all hexagons by swapping colors.

How to Play Hexa Connect:

  • Click the 'Play' button to begin the game.
  • Click the colored buttons at the bottom of the game screen to change colors.
  • Each level has a limited number of moves (shown at the bottom of the game).
  • If you are able to change all hexagons to a single color before you run out of moves, you advance to the next level.
  • Should you fail to change all hexagons to a single color before you run out of moves... it's game over!

Hexa Connect Game Options:
  • Click the musical note icon, located at the lower right corner of the game screen, to turn the background music on or off.

Hexa Connect Playing Tips:
  • There are two kinds of hexagons in this game: hexagons that have already been connected to the starting point, and hexagons that have yet to be connected. To distinguish between the two, look closely. Hexagons that are connected have inner markings. They look like a 3-dimensional cube. Hexagons that have yet to be connected do not have inner markings. They look flat and appear one-dimensional.
  • When you click on a colored button at the bottom of the game screen two things happen. One, this changes all of the connected hexagons to that color. And two, it also connects all single or groups of hexagons that border the connected hexagons when they are the same color as the colored button.
  • Look for large groups of hexagons to connect with.
  • When you can take out an entire color with one move, this is almost always a good move.
  • This is a game of strategy and requires a 'good eye.' So, plan your moves carefully.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pro: Hexa Connect is quite fun and challenging, especially when you advance to the higher levels. Each time you play the game, each level will be different than before. This keeps things interesting.

Con: It's a shame that you only get one chance at each level. It is somewhat frustrating when you advance far in the game, and you fail a level, you have to begin the game all over again back to Level 1. It would have been nice if you got, perhaps, 3 chances per level.

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