ToyRoom Game

Game Description: Drive the remote controlled car in a crowded 3D toyroom. Locate and pop all 8 whirligigs with your car before time expires!

How to Play ToyRoom Game:

  • Use your 4 arrow keys to maneuver the remote controlled car.
  • There are 8 whirligigs to locate and pop.
  • Each of the 8 whirligigs are located at the end of a ramp.
  • Drive the car up the ramps to pop the whirligigs.
  • You earn 1 point for each whirligig you pop. The top score is 8.
  • You have 300 seconds to locate and pop all 8 whirligigs.

ToyRoom Game Playing Tips:
  • To pop a whirligig you will need to drive up the ramp at the right speed, and in the right direction, to hit it with your car.
  • Take time to line up your car before going up a ramp.
  • You will see the first 2 whirligigs immediately when the game begins. They are located on a corner shelf in the toyroom. Pop these 2 first.
  • If you get up on the corner shelf without popping the first whirligig, go back and ram it with your car. Hit it hard enough to pop it, but not too hard, or your car will go flying off the shelf. Then, go up the next ramp and pop the second whirligig.
  • There are lots of toys scattered around the toyroom. The lighter objects like toy blocks and balloons may be pushed out of the way with your car. Heavier objects like large robots and pieces of furniture cannot be moved with your car. Run into these and your car with only bounce off of them.
  • Whenever a large object like a balloon or a piece of furniture obscures your view, maneuver your car until you can see everything clearly.

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Pro: ToyRoom Game is delightful with marvelous 3D graphics. As with most 3D games when you crash; up is down, down is up, left is right, and right is left. That is, until you get your bearings back again. Losing your sense of direction is both the challenge and the fun of ToyRoom Game.

Con: Occasionally, your car may become stuck and there is no way to get it moving again. Or, it may overturn, and you will be unable to move it. When these occurrences happen, there is no alternative other than to begin the game over again. This doesn't happen very often. But, it does happen enough that I felt I had to mention it.

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