Fisher Girl

Game Description: You are Fisher Girl. A shark has just taken your Fisher Boy. He cannot survive long in this water so you better rescue him fast.

How to Play Fisher Girl:

  • You begin the game with a Bronze rod, four small fishing lures, and 200 coins.
  • Cast your rod by holding down your left mouse button and then releasing it.
  • To cast further try to release your mouse right before the rod starts moving forward again.
  • To catch a fish you will have to dangle your lure in front of a fish before it will bite.
  • If you let your line float, it will float farther and farther to the bottom.
  • Reel your line back up by holding down your left mouse button.
  • You earn coins by catching fish and reeling them in.
  • There are four different types of lures. There are small, medium, and large lures. There are also bomb lures.
  • Four different rods are available. You already have the Bronze rod. You may also buy the Silver, Gold, and the Legendary rod.
  • You may only catch the right size fish with the right size lure. A small lure may only catch a small fish. A medium lure may only catch a medium fish. And a large lure may only catch a large fish. (A bomb lure may blow up any shark that is close enough by double clicking your mouse. Each bomb lure may only be used one time.)
  • If a fish that is too small for your lure bites your lure, you cannot reel in that fish but no harm is done.
  • If a fish that is too big for your lure bites your lure, you will lose your lure.
  • If a green sea turtle or a shark bites your lure you will also lose your lure.
  • If any creature, including a shark, bites a bomb lure you will not lose your bomb lure. A bomb lure is only used, and lost, when you double click.
  • You can buy lures and better rods by hitting the floating stores with your lure. Each floating store only sells one type of product. If you elect to purchase the item you may do so provided you have earned enough coins. If you do not have enough coins to buy the item, or if you do not want to buy the item, hit the cancel button.
  • While fishing you may change lures and rods by clicking the Inventory button located at the top of the game screen. To change lures click the Lures button. To change rods click the Rods button.
  • When you are able to cast far enough (you will probably need to use the Legendary rod with costs 8,000 coins) you will find Fisher Boy and you can rescue him with your lure.
  • The game is over either when you rescue Fisher Boy or when you run out of lures (you can't fish without a lure!)
  • You may save your game by clicking the Menu button, then click Save Game. As long as you use the same computer your game should save. Then, when you come back to Richard's Game Reviews click the Load Game button to resume your game.

Fisher Girl Game Options:
  • The music volume and the sound effect volume may be adjusted by clicking the Menu button at the top of the game screen. Then, click the Sound Options button and use the sliding scale to adjust each sound control.

Fisher Girl Playing Tips:
  • When your line first hits the water you will need to make a quick assessment of the situation. For instance if a fish that is too big for your lure, or a green sea turtle or shark, is getting too close you would begin reeling in fast. On the other hand you may want to let your line float slowly down and then dangle your lure is front of an appropriate size fish. It all depends on the situation.
  • Watch out for other fish as you are reeling a fish in. If other fish take a bite out of your fish you earn less coins.
  • As you buy better rods you will be able to cast farther from shore, and allow your line to sink deeper. You will learn where the various fish live, as well as the green sea turtles and the sharks.
  • You may buy a bomb lure for 1,000 coins. Double click on it when a shark gets close enough to kill a shark. You earn 1,000 coins for killing a shark. Unlike other lures a bomb lure may only be used once. You would not waste a bomb lure on a regular fish because you would not earn any coins. A bomb lure probably isn't worth the money since you can only use it one time. However, sometimes you can kill more than one shark with a bomb lure. Still, you are probably better off using your coins to buy better rods and lures.
  • I believe it is impossible to lose a rod while fishing. That being said, it is a waste of money to buy a rod you already have because you would never use it. For instance, if you already have a Silver rod you would not purchase a second Silver rod. Instead, save your coins to buy a better rod or to buy more lures.

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Pro: Fisher Girl is surprisingly fun. The first time you play the game you won't know where things are and how things work and it will probably take you quite some time before you rescue Fisher Boy. After the first time it is much easier. You can play this game two ways. You can simply relax with it, and enjoy catching fish, knowing that eventually you will rescue Fisher Boy. Or, you can play for time and see how fast you can rescue Fisher Boy.

Con: Fisher Girl has mediocre graphics and sound effects. Still, despite these shortcomings, it is quite a fun game to play.

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