Table Tennis Championship

Game Description: Play table tennis against a computer opponent.

How to Play Table Tennis Championship:

  • Click the Play button to begin.
  • Table Tennis Championship has 4 levels of play. You may select Level 1, 2, or 3 to begin the game. Level 1 is the easiest. Level 2 is slightly harder than level 1. Level 3 is the toughest. (I am not sure how you gain access to level 4. Perhaps you must defeat level 3?)
  • When you select your level you are also selecting either the gray table or the green table. If you click a tennis ball icon on the left to select your level, you play on the gray table. If you click a ping pong paddle icon on the right, you play on the green table.
  • The matches take place in 11 points.
  • Should a player reach 11 points but does not have at least a 2 point lead, the match continues until one player gains a 2 point advantage to win.
  • Use your mouse to control your paddle.

Table Tennis Championship Game Options:
  • If you would like to turn the game sounds on or off, click the small icon located in the lower left bottom corner of the game screen - the one on the extreme left. It looks like the letter 'S' inside a circle. (The reason you may wish to turn the game sounds off is probably to turn off the background music. Unfortunately there are not separate buttons for the music and the rest of the game sounds. So, you will also lose the sound of the ball hitting the paddles. Not a good trade-off in my opinion. A better option is probably to just turn down the sound on your computer speakers.)
  • You may also select between high or low quality. To adjust the quality click the small icon located just to the right of the sound icon. It looks like the letter 'Q' inside a circle.
Richard's Rating: 5 out of 5.

Comments: What I love about this particular version of table tennis is the realism. It almost feels like you are holding a real ping pong paddle in your hand. Sometimes the ball will hit the net causing the ball to slow down and change directions... just like the real thing! Superior graphics and sound effects add to the fun. All in all, Table Tennis Championship is a truly wonderful game.

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